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Land Maps for Estrella

First, Ivan and I would like to thank you for your patience and
understanding with the new land policy this year. 56% of our our
populace camping at war pre-registered. This is quite a feat and we
thank you. We were allocated exactly what we needed and we could not
have done it without you. Thank you for making our last land set up
for war as your Baron and Baroness as easy as we could have hoped with
a new policy.

The maps for the Tir Ysgithr encampment have been uploaded to the list serv
files section under the "Estrella Land 2009" and it shows the layout
for our sections.
Lord Varr will also get the maps up on the Baronial Website shortly as well.
We are in the same spot as we have been the last two years.

If you are unfamiliar with our land please, see the War map at
http://tinyurl.com/dy5dpb .
We are the 4th Atenveldt section down from the North. The main road
in is our Northern border and Clontarf Road is our Southern border.
The sections for us are numbered from right to left. Section 1 is
closest to the battlefield. We will be having overflow camping on the
3rd section (closest to Troll).

Section 1 Includes the Following Encampments:
Baron's Camp
Uber Hauer Landsknechts
Del A Roc (including Steel Fang)
Sword and Stave
Clan Nightwolf
Clan Wolfhaven

Section 2 Includes the Following Encampments.
Long House of the Screeching Vole
Bill and Perrin
Thyra and Family
Shoshanna and Family
Agni Vajra
St. Felix
Keg's End
Griffin's Keep
Celestial Badger
Discordian Accordion
BTY Land #1

BTY Land #1 includes the following people:
Mikahail and Larrissa
HL Misha
Amy Gutzwiller
Bella and Friends

The maps show dimensions for camps and for ease each little square is
5 foot by 5 foot., every large square (darker lines) is 25 feet by 25

If you have any questions please contact us.

Baron Ivan and Baroness Ianuk

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