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Rapier at Dragon's Horde

The event: Dragon’s Horde: http://www.btysca.org/articles.php?article=25

The time: Saturday, October 20th. Site opens at 10AM. All fighting will begin directly after court. We will be fighting on the same field as the hardsuiters between their battles. Rapier scenarios will happen throughout the day.

The location: Himmel Park (Google map: “Himmel Library Tucson Arizona”)

The Premise: The rumblings of the great dragon have waked a new evil. This creature is equal parts ogre, cave troll and Formorian Giant, has crawled from its dank hole deep beneath the desert, and is bent of raiding the noble houses of Tir Ysgthir while our fighters are occupied dealing with the annual rising of the dragon. It is said that the monster cannot be killed by rattan, but rather can only be slain by the cold steel of a properly blunted and taped rapier blade. Tir Ysgthir, and indeed all of Atenveldt (for surely the monster will not stop with us), needs its rapier fighters like never before. The monster feeds on children, and women, and has a special fondness for the flesh of pirates named Rook. Come defend the households of Tir Ysgthir, chase this shambling malformed creature back to its underground lair, and, with the will of the gods, end its miserable life. It is time for the bold and adventurous to step forward. Will you answer the call?

Rapier combat at Dragon’s Horde: Combat will conform to all kingdom and society level rules that apply in Atenveldt. This is an SCA event. All skill levels of rapier fighting are welcome, but you must be authorized to participate.
Fighters will be divided into two teams to be decided upon by the rapier autocrat. The teams will compete against each other in a series of scenarios in which points will be awarded to the winning team of each scenario. Point values will be disclosed at the beginning of each scenario. Each scenario will be run twice with the teams alternately playing the part of the heroes or the monster. The team with the most points at the end will be the team to have defeated the monster.
Rules for the monster: The team playing the monster will be roped together and fight as a single entity. Each member of the monster will fight with rapier and a buckler. The monster will not be deemed to be dead until all constituent fighters have received and acknowledged a killing blow. Constituent fighters who are armed lose the use of that arm. Fighters who are legged must stand in place, but do not have to sit. If there are more mobile fighters in the monster than legged fighters, the mobile fighters may choose to “drag” the immobile ones.
Rules for the heroes: The heroes may carry whatever weapons combination they deem fit and will not be roped. The heroes may fight as individuals or as a group using whatever strategy they choose. Points are awarded to the team, not to individuals.

Scenarios: There will be three specific scenarios fought at this event. An additional scenario will be held as a tie-breaker, or if there is time, as the final scenario of the set. Remember, each scenario will be run twice with each team alternately playing both monster and heroes once per scenario.

#1. The Longhouse: The team of heroes lies in wait to ambush the monster in one of the Barony’s households. The Heroes place themselves strategically around the battlefield, which represents the great hall of a household. The monster can’t enter the battlefield until the marshal has called “lay-on!” After the monster enters the field, battle can commence as seen fit by the heroes.

The monster wins if it has killed and eaten all the heroes. The heroes win if they defeat the monster. Note: for the sake of play, the monster is considered to be “driven off” if it is killed in this scenario.

#2. The Dungeon: In this scenario, a floor plan will be overlaid on the battlefield using stakes and rope creating passages and rooms for the combatants to fight in. The heroes have driven the monster away from the barony, pursued it to a series of caves and are hunting it through the passages. The monster will position itself within the floor plan as it sees fit. The heroes can enter the dungeon after the marshal calls “lay on”.

The monster’s goal is to ambush and kill all the heroes. The heroes’ goal is to kill off the monster. However, “killing” the monster leaves it wounded and drives it further into the dungeon to its lair.

Caveat: The monster in this scenario is harder to kill (and worth more points). Each constituent fighter can take two killing blows before death. No special consideration for limbs. The heroes will take blows normally.

#3. The Monster’s Lair: This is a timed scenario. The heroes have cornered the monster in its lair. Here, the monster is hardest to kill. Only a blow to the face mask will kill a constituent fighter. All other shots have no effect. Heroes will take shots normally, but can be resurrected up until the time is over. The heroes goal is to kill the monster as quickly as possible. The team that kills the monster the fastest will be awarded points. If the monster survives to the end of the time, no points will be awarded.

#4. Clash of The Titans: This scenario can be used as a tie breaker or can be played as a fourth scenario if time allows. In this scenario, the monster has the same abilities as in #3. This time, the heroes can be bound together in a similar fashion to form a “Titan” who is just as difficult to kill as the monster. Constituent fighters of both the titan and the monster can only be killed by a shot to the face plate. The titan and the monster are considered dead when all constituent fighters have received a deathblow. Double kills that result in a tie for the scenario will be re-fought between the constituents, not the entire monster and titan.

For Rapier questions contact the rapier autocrat Antonescu at jscochrane@gmail.com. Or 520-907-0709

For other questions regarding the Dragon’s Horde event please contact he event autocrats. See the event website for further info:


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