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Unofficial Community for the Barony of Tir Ysgithr's Journal
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Date:2010-07-06 17:03
Subject:A&S at Southern Crusades XII

Good Gentles All,

It is now four months until Southern Crusades, which is a third of a year. That seems a long time, but it will pass before we know how. It is, therefore, time to start thinking about what class you can teach at the Southern Crusades XII. You know that thing you do, which people are always asking you how it's done? You could teach a class in it. You know that thing people are always asking you to do for them? You can teach a class in that, too. That thing that you're sitting there, thinking now, "Should I teach a class in that?" The answer is yes.

The A&S sessions will run on Friday, the 12th of November 2010, and Saturday, the 13th of November. When you write to let me know what you'll be teaching, please also let me know if you prefer to teach on Friday or Saturday; during the morning or afternoon.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and contribution to the continuance of knowledge in this current Age of Chivalry!

Björn the Navigator
A&S Steward, SC XII

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Date:2010-04-23 19:25
Subject:Baronial Championship Tomorrow!

Come shoot at these Heads!!!!

PSE Archery
2727 N. Fairview Ave.

Site opens at 9am.
We're aiming to be up and shooting by 9:30. Shooting usually runs until about Noon-ish.

Site Fees:
$6 for Members, dunno about Non.

Site does have water and some shade, first come first serve on the shade.

We do have some loaner equipment as well, also first come first serve. We tend to run low on arrows, so if you have your own set, please bring them.

Hope to see you there!

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Date:2009-01-30 22:08
Subject:Archery Tomorrow
Mood: cheerful

Just a heads up for those who are interested, the last archery practise before Estrella War is tomorrow!

Place: PSE Archery
2727 N. Fairview Ave.

Time: 9-12ish

Cost: $5 to shoot, free to watch.

There is some limited loaner equipment for those who want to try shooting but don't have bows, arrows or safety gear.

For further details, please check out the Tir Ysgithr Archery Website.

Hope to see some new faces there!

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Date:2009-01-03 17:30
Mood: chipper

Hey Clothies,
Morgan of St. Felix is endeavoring a corset, without any experience, or guidance, or towel.    Ok so, this is her asking for help vicariously through me (she doesn't have an LJ account).     If you've made even one corset, any experience or notes would help.  

contact her at healormor@hotmail.com

Thank youz


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Date:2008-11-10 20:42
Subject:Photos - SCX and others

Photographs, mostly of archery because that is where I spend a great deal of time at events, can be found here:


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Date:2007-10-15 06:33
Subject:Rapier at Dragon's Horde
Mood: calm

Dragon's Horde Event description for rapier combatantsCollapse )

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Date:2007-05-04 12:09
Subject:Dragons Hoard?

can anyone tell me when/where Dragons Hoard is going to be held?

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Date:2007-03-16 15:51
Subject:Estrella War Pictures
Mood: bouncy

Here are my pictures from Estrella 2007. Enjoy!


cross posted to atenveldt!

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Date:2007-02-05 21:52
Subject:What happens at war stays at war

I am cross posting this to the Kingdom of Atenveldt community.

This summer past, something happened at war that didn't stay there. My love came back to me saying those words, "What happens at war stays at war." Shortly after, we parted ways for good. Now, I have nothing against open relationships, polyamory, bi or gay, or what have you. There is nothing wrong with having a good time at war. But, if you make a promise to someone who is giving you their heart shouldn't that promise be kept?

I am writing to ask a favor of you. I would never presume to tell anyone what to do, but with The Estrella War looming please consider this.

If you are unhappy in your relationship let your partner now.
At least give him a chance to fix the problem if it is fixable. If not, break things off honorably.

Don't get on an airplane saying you're crazy about him and then go sleep with someone else.

I am still reeling from what happened six months ago. I never realized how much an act of violence infidelity is until it happened to me. There is a good chance I will see this girl whom I still have feelings for at Estrella in the company the guy she cheated on me with, and it will take everything I have not to do something really stupid.

I hope if you are leaning this way you will consider what I have written and possibly spare your partner some of what I have gone through.

Thanks for reading this.

Amendment 02-06-2007: Someone close to my ex e-mailed me to say she didn't actually cheat on me. If I came to the wrong conclusion, I apologize. I have certainly been kept in the dark about what happened and lied to about it. To me its no surprise and no less hurtful. Everything else I have said is directly from my own experience.

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